Baby Stuff

5 Essentials I Didn’t Think I’d Need

When I was making my registry for my baby shower online, I knew to add the obvious things. Diapers, wipes, clothes, bibs; the usual. When my baby shower came, I received things that I didn’t even think about- and they have been extremely helpful. Here are five essentials I didn’t think I’d need!


  1. Gas Drops: When I received these, I knew what they were for, but I didn’t know when I would ever need them. Alexis ate Enfamil Newborn for a while, and it never occurred to me that it was causing an issue. After bottles, Alexis would cry, yell, and her stomach would be rock hard. I had no idea what to do. After bicycle legs, belly massages, and begging her to just let out a fart- I remembered the gas drops. These drops are a miracle worker. Less than ten minutes after I gave them, she started farting, her stomach wasn’t bloated-she became a new baby. After we switched formula we haven’t needed the drops since, but they were SO helpful.
  2. BabyBrezza: When we decided to fully switch from breastmilk to formula, we didn’t want to have to continue buying the nursettes, but we weren’t ready to deal with the boiling water, adding powder, and cooling water process. My mom told us about the BabyBrezza and we decided to purchase it to see if it was really worth it- it definitely is!! After the machine is set up you add your powder and water, and then choose the ounces you want, 2oz-10oz in intervals of two, and lo and behold- a premixed, ready to eat bottle at the perfect temperature. After every four bottles you need to remove the funnel and rinse it down and scrub the hole the powder comes through. Overall, this was SUCH a good purchase.
  3. Wubbanubs: Pacifiers- obvious I know. But this is specifically for Wubbanubs. I prefer these so much more than generic pacifiers. Regular ones leave dark red imprints on Alexis’ cheeks and mustache area because of how hard she sucks, but the Wubbanub is so gentle, easy to wash, and as she gets older its easy for her. She can grab the animal attached to the pacifier and move it to her mouth and take it out. She plays with the animal attached to it. We have four Wubbanubs because I find them that essential- for the diaper bag, crib, rock and play, and pack and play.
  4. Nipple Cream: When I was still feeding by pumping, nipple cream became an instant essential. The force of the pump against your nipples turns them cracked, chapped and painful. I would apply nipple cream after every pump session and it was a lifesaver. Think chapstick for your boobs! Just make sure you use nipple pads too- the cream stained one of my shirts when I went bra free after pumping! L
  5. Boppy: The Boppy is multi use- feeding, letting the baby prop up on it, tummy time when they’re a little bigger, and helping them to sit up on their own when they’re 6+ months old. The Boppy has been so helpful for us. The first week after Alexis was born, I used the Boppy to sit on because I was so sore. Now Alexis uses it to sit up against when we are hanging out as a family. It is great for breastfeeding also. I think Boppys are one of the best inventions!!

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