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Tips for New Moms

When I got pregnant, my fiancé and I were not in a good financial state. I spent a while scouring the internet, gathering what I could to help us out in our impending future. Now, I give my list to you, hopefully these will help you the way they’ve helped us.


  1. Enfamil: This one is very close to me. I started my pregnancy journey adamant that I would breastfeed Alexis, but my body had other plans. I chose Enfamil as the formula of choice to replace the breastmilk I was no longer producing. Enfamil has a great program- you sign up and they send you free samples. When I got my free samples, it was a can of Enfamil Gentlease, a few Enfamil Newborn nursettes and some powder packets of Enfamil Infant. In the months following my birth, I received coupons in the mail for money off of any Enfamil formula, ranging from $2 off to $5 off. I collect them and keep them in the diaper bag for when we are out running our errands! They are extremely helpful and at most places I’ve gone they’ve let me use 2 coupons when I’m purchasing 2 containers of formula- so you could save up to $10 off potentially! I’m a little biased on this one because I love Enfamil and how it’s worked for Alexis!
  2. Similac: Similac has a great program called “Strong Moms”. Once I signed up and received my free samples, I got two cans of formula and some coupons. Similac has coupons that range from $5 off to $15 off. I still receive the coupons in the mail fairly often (more often than Enfamil), although I do not use their formula for my daughter. When you use your coupon and the store sends your used check back to the Similac headquarters, you receive 5 points. After 35 points you get a voucher for a free can of formula!
  3. Pampers: Pampers diapers are our diaper of choice for Alexis. Pampers has a wonderful rewards program. After you purchase your diapers/wipes, you will have a reward code in the form of a sticker on the diapers or a line of text on the wipes. Pampers reward codes can be entered on their website, or on their super convenient app on the App Store or Google Play. You earn certain point amounts for whether you redeem diapers or wipes. You have a multitude of options for what you can redeem your points on- anything from $30 off of your first Hello Fresh order to a Kiddi-O Trike.
  4. Huggies: Huggies has a similar program to Pampers, except they use receipts instead of codes. They also have a website and an app where you take a screenshot of your receipt and it adds the points to your account. You have a lot of options for rewards with Huggies- ranging from gift cards, a high chair, a diaper bag, to a box of diapers.
  5. The Doctor/Hospital: After you give birth while at the hospital- request formula samples, no matter how hard they push breast is best, it’s always good to have formula as a backup. Make sure you take home everything they have for you. In my hospital, I took home the four travel size baby body wash, the diapers, the tube of petroleum jelly, and a handful of those glorious mesh undies! At your child’s pediatrician’s office, don’t be shy on asking for formula samples! Trust me- they’re stocked. My daughters’ office gave me two 32oz ready to go containers of her formula! Even at your own gynecologist they have samples. I told them I was formula feeding at my six-week postpartum checkup and they gave me two bags- one with Similac powder formula and one with Enfamil ready to go formula and Enfamil brand vitamin D drops.
  6. Facebook: Join Facebook marketplace! There are women who are selling/giving away formula, wipes, diapers and clothes at a discounted price. I’ve gotten discounted diapers for my daughter off of Facebook. Make sure you bring someone with you to the meetup and go to a safe place in the daytime!
  7. Government Assistance: If you qualify, it is beyond worth it to apply for WIC or Food Stamps. I use WIC, and with no shame. I get 9 cans a month of my daughters’ formula and it is incredibly helpful. With WIC, you will also get food for a certain duration of time also.

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